Bunn Brantley Enterprises

DESIGN-BUILD | Our Process is built on experience

Successful project development requires the best efforts of experts from many fields. Our design/build approach works well in assembling these experts into an efficient, highly productive team. The team consists of Bunn-Brantley Enterprises and the Property Owner, both surrounded by a network of qualified specialists. These specialists include the land developer, architect, civil engineer, structural engineer, banker, financial consultant, legal consultant and other experts. This collaborative effort promotes open, accurate and complete communication among all parties during both design and building phases and leads to successful project competition.

Bunn-Brantley Enterprises uses its years of building experience to navigate the tedious and often frustrating permitting process. This includes permitting during concept, site planning, surveying, meeting DOT and DWQ requirements, municipal reviews, architectural design, structural engineering, initial estimates from plans, bank funding approval, and hard bids - before construction ever begins. Bunn-Brantley Enterprises knows the ins and outs of permitting and has developed efficient methods to avoid pitfalls. The results are reduced construction time, lower costs, and less stress for the Owner.

Since 1974, Bunn-Brantley Enterprises has built a reputation for commitment, quality and client service. Our high level of completing design / build projects within budget and on time is unparalleled in the industry. Over 400 projects in five states illustrate the high level of confidence from satisfied clients, many repeating through the years. Working with each client on a personal basis to provide a commitment to quality is the cornerstone of our reputation. Whether it's your fist project or your 10th, Bunn Brantley Enterprises offers the appropriate level of consultation and construction services.